‘As a Senior Leader in Australian Media, I know the value and importance of storytelling.

Jason tells a bold story; his story; a story that is at times uncomfortable for the author and reader as his journey intersects family, communities of faith, sexuality and business.

Jason’s involvement in supporting many in the LGBTIQ+ and faith communities is often unseen, and this book explains the path of reconciliation for himself, reconciliation of faith, family and sexuality.

Freedom is being able to accept and be your true authentic self and Jason takes us on this pilgrimage, which leads to inspiration and finally hope.’
— Manda Hatter: Head of Operations, Chair ABC Pride, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

“A Journey Towards Acceptance’ is not your average coming out story and adds a valuable contribution to this genre.

Author Jason Masters has been incredibly generous opening the door of his life to reveal the challenges of faith, family and society he had to navigate to finally find authenticity and self-acceptance. Many would shy away from such personal self-disclosure.

People often think it is easy for people to come out these days. Jason’s story demonstrates this is far from the truth. It can be a lifelong journey and, depending on a number of factors, some never make it. Jason nearly didn’t. One wonders how many more Jasons there are out there. Gay, lesbian and bisexual people still living with unresolved internal conflicts. Living in fear and shame, behind a façade of overcompensation and believing the truth would destroy not only them but also those around them. This is what makes Jason’s memoir so important. The truth didn’t destroy him, it set him free.”
– Anthony Venn-Brown, Author of ‘A Life of Unlearning – a preacher’s struggle with his homosexuality, church and faith’, Founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International

“Jason’s story is a powerful lesson in resilience, humility and the courage to be true to yourself. His ability to reflect on his own difficult experiences, and to use what he has learnt to benefit others, means that his voice is a powerful one, particularly for those struggling to reconcile their faith with their sexuality.”
— Justin Koonin: President ACON Health

“A Journey Towards Acceptance’ is a powerful memoir about the importance of living an authentic life of self-acceptance and self-compassion. Jason Masters tells an enthralling tale about his life long struggle with his sexuality and how his journey was impacted by his Christian faith. This book provides an inclusive and positive perspective for anyone out there in the LGBTQIA+ community who is struggling to accept themselves or others because of their faith. Jason reminds us that we should all be true to ourselves and embrace our own identity and spiritual path without judgement or derision.”
— Jules Hannaford: Bestselling Author of Fool Me Twice and host of Hong Kong Confidential podcast.

 “Jason Masters gives us the roadmap towards learning to love ourselves authentically while daring to break stereotypes which so many of us feel entrapped in. Breaking through the shackles of coming out as a gay executive to the world and especially to his family, Jason endured a shift in his life where metamorphosis was inevitable. ‘A Journey Towards Acceptance’ will compel the reader to reflect on their own life situation and truly comprehend how to live “a life of acceptance.” Jason Masters opens his heart and divulges his journey in a memoir that is sure to teach and heal.”
— Rani St. Pucchi, Award-winning designer, four times International Best-Selling Author, Gold in the Cracks: Move from Shattered to Whole and Reveal Your Light

“Although on the surface, Jason and I would seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum in our respective life situations, I found his book to be relatable on so many levels. I may never fully understand the suffering and anguish that Jason has been through in his life, but with the way he masterfully described his struggles, left me with a deep compassion towards the plight of the gay community. This book is a must-read for anyone, especially those working through their own self-acceptance, traumas, or letting go of past mistakes. Chapter by chapter, you will find yourself becoming a more empathetic person, learning how to relate to others who may seem different from you, and start appreciating the diversity of people that you will inevitably encounter throughout your life. Bravo, Jason, for finding the courage, strength and self-love, and for sharing such vulnerability with your readers, for which we can all become better versions of ourselves too! Inspirational!”
— Natalie Glebova, author “I Am Winning – A Guide to Personal Empowerment,”  former Miss Universe, Speaker

“This book is nothing short of inspirational as Jason shares some of the immense challenges he has to overcome. Through this literary gift, he will lead any eager reader down the path to their own acceptance and ultimate freedom, a journey  you don’t want to miss!” 
— Jennie Lynn, #1 best-selling author of Magnetic Love

“ ‘A Journey Towards Acceptance’ is a book that encapsulates Jason Masters’ life. His indomitable story gives hope to the LGBTQ+ community when he was born in an era where our populace was not accepted, which led Jason down a dark road. Today, his alliances with certain groups has driven him towards creating connections with the LGBTQ+ community in need of some guidance while his advocacy for LGBTIQ+ rights are commendable and filled with a message of love. As a church leader and executive, Jason’s resilience to live a life of acceptance has given him the power to create a memoir that will have his reader’s craving  more. Jason’s book is a must read for anyone suffering from the shackles of society. He is a veracious inspiration and we are honoured to know him.”
— Kike Yamakawa & Brad Hays, Authors; Outrageously in Love, Founders: FAB Academy www.outrageouslyinlove.com

“In A Journey Towards Acceptance, author Jason Masters describes living as a youth mentor, Christian, executive, husband, and father shadowed by the unacknowledged sceptres of emotional abuse and repressed sexuality. Gradually, he is able to confront and accept the invisible scars left by his father and take his first steps on the long road towards healing. He is done escaping from; now, he escapes to, bringing along all of the elements that make him unique and unabashedly himself.”
Heather Floyd, Writer/ Editor, Bluelineproof, OAO Editing Consultant.

“Jason’s journey of self-discovery, emerges from his deep story highlighted in his memoir, “A Journey Towards Acceptance.” He stopped allowing disruptions to get in his way, and revamped his outdated beliefs. His endearing journey will take readers down a path of his life, where he faced obstacles; overcoming these hurdles, Jason has come forward as a champion of his story. His advocacy for the LGBTIQ populace is commendable and steadfast. His simple nature shines through in a unique way with compassion, love and acting as a voice for the LGBTIQ community. His book will bring awareness to every village, community, city and continent around the globe. What an amazing person!”
— Cheryl Moy, President, Insurance Professional; Founder: MOYINSURANCE.COM

“‘A Journey Towards Acceptance’ is a spell-binding book about one man’s journey to find a life of acceptance. Jason Masters shares his story of struggling with his own identity and finally creating a roadmap of success to living an empowering life. He truly is a master of his own incredible destiny and a wonderful role model.”
— Judy O’Beirn, Creator and co-author of Internationally Bestselling, Unwavering Strength book series

“This is an important book that brings up fundamental questions on identity and the courage to be authentic and whole. It is an essential read for those seeking acceptance from a life full of fearful challenges. Jason has walked his talk and this book is a gift to the world.”
— Michelle Tanmizi, International bestselling author of Late Dawn

“Jason’s book is a revelation of humanity. In his evolving memoir, acceptance is the fundamental message through faith and love. His story is captivating, poignant and raw as he discusses the turmoil of his mental health issues and coming out as a gay executiveLearning to surrender to who you are and were born to be is what Jason teaches his audience. I have had the privilege of spending time with Jason, and his warm, kind nature is enchanting. This book will make you see life in a different way, through the eyes of an LGBTIQ advocate who conquered himself. Through his voyage of coming out, Jason’s courage to be the best version of himself is a triumphant message for people from all walks of life.”
— Pashmina P. International bestselling author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy and Founder: The Online Author’s Office, www.onlineauthorsoffice.com, Agent for Hasmark Publishing International and writing mentor.

“Having the courage to break through society’s paradigms and live the life you really want, will always be uncomfortable. Jason Masters’ journey will show you that you are not alone and that self-acceptance is the primordial step to master other areas of your life.”
— Danielle Martins – Entrepreneur, speaker, and co-author of the Bestselling Book: Rising Up From Mental Slavery – How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential