Manda Hatter: Head of Operations, Chair ABC Pride, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Endorsement

I am honoured that Manda Hatter, Head of Operations, Chair of Pride at the ABC in Australia has endorsed my upcoming book, making the following comment

“As a Senior Leader in Australian Media, I know the value and importance of storytelling.

Jason tells a bold story; his story; a story that is at times uncomfortable for the author and reader as his journey intersects family, communities of faith, sexuality and business.

Jason’s involvement in supporting many in the LGBTIQ+ and faith communities is often unseen, and this book explains the path of reconciliation for himself, reconciliation of faith, family and sexuality.

Freedom is being able to accept and be your true authentic self and Jason takes us on this pilgrimage, which leads to inspiration and finally hope.”

“‘A Journey Towards Acceptance’ is a spell-binding book about one man’s journey to find a life of acceptance. Jason Masters shares his story of struggling with his own identity and finally creating a roadmap of success to living an empowering life. He truly is a master of his own incredible destiny and a wonderful role model.”

— Judy O’Beirn, Creator and co-author of Internationally Bestselling, Unwavering Strength book series

“Jason’s book, is a revelation of humanity.  In his evolving memoir, acceptance is the fundamental message through faith and love.  His story is captivating, poignant and raw as he discusses the turmoil of his mental health issues and coming out as a gay executive.  So many of us, have not faced what he has in his youth and learning to surrender to who you are and were born to be is what Jason teaches his audience.  I have had the privilege of spending time with Jason, and his warm, kind nature is enchanting.  This book will make you see life in a different way, and through the eyes of an LGBTIQ advocate who conquered himself. Through his voyage of coming out, Jason’s courage as a pioneer to be the best version of himself is a triumphant message for people from all walks of life.”

Pashmina P. International best selling author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy and Founder: The Online Author’s Office. (Agent for Hasmark International Publishing and Writing Mentor)

“This is an important book that brings up fundamental questions on identity and the courage to be authentic and whole. It is an essential read for those seeking acceptance from a life full of fearful challenges. Jason has walked his talk and this book is a gift to the world.”

Michelle Tanmizi, International bestselling author of Late Dawn

“Having the courage to break through society’s paradigms and live the life you really want, will always be uncomfortable. Jason Masters’ journey will show you that you are not alone and that self-acceptance is the primordial step to master other areas of your life.”

Danielle Martins – Entrepreneur, speaker, and co-author of the Bestselling Book: Rising Up From Mental Slavery – How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

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